Owning a house often requires upkeeping to ensure that everything is still looking good and functioning well. One of the most tedious jobs can be painting the interior and exterior of your home.

Whether you are looking for a new color palette to give your space a new feel, or your old flaking paint needs a touch-up, Valdas Construction Painting & Decorating professionals can help you.

Every job includes:

- Time-saving, efficient, and flexible service
- All tools and equipment are brought by the specialists
- Extra materials could be purchased and delivered to your location
- Acceptable for all types of rooms and properties – inside & outside

Why choose us:

- Our staff - are highly skilled, well-mannered and affable with a flexible, can-do attitude to work.
- We keep it tidy - both during and after the work is finished, we work efficiently by ensuring the area is tidy and clean.
- Color and Design Consultation - we offer FREE color and design advice to all our clients, both domestic and commercial to produce an exciting, decorative finish.

For a free non - obligation quote please fill in a form below and one of our Painting & Decorating Advisors will be in touch with you very shortly.